Choose the best on AliExpress

Kvizar is a browser extension which helps to find perfect products for buying in all categories


Check seller rating

Kvizar calculates seller trust level and shows main indicators, which helps to find a suitable seller


Buy products at the best price

Using Kvizar you can track price history, which allows customer to buy item at lowest price


Get notifications on discounted items

"Save products to favorites, and Kvizar will notify you when a price has changed, so that you don’t miss a moment to buy "

How to use Kvizar?

Install Kvizar
Install the browser extension in two clicks
Check products
Visit AliExpress and browse interesting products
Info by AliRadar
Buy only from reliable sellers at low prices!

Users reviews

People, who use Kvizar buying at AliExpress

  • Alexandr

    I’ve been buying at Ali for a lot of times, and when I started using this extension, I found choosing and buying products much faster and better considering price-quality ratio. Sometimes I can buy really cheap! Price history feature is great, now I always can see if discounts are real or fake. Recommend it!

  • Marianna

    Buying at AliExpress is amazing! But I don’t like to spend long time searching for really cheap items to buy. I knew about AliRadar from my friend, and I tried it after she showed me how to use it. It works great!